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Computer Science 2018, University of Waterloo

Waterloo Open House Fall 2014

An estimated total of over 11,000 people attended Waterloo’s Fall Open House 2014. This represents a new record, and it just astonishes me how much Waterloo grows every single year. I volunteered for the entire day as the department lead ambassador for Software Engineering, so it’s very likely that I met many of my readers in person.

fall open house 2014

I remember how one year ago, I was the person asking the volunteers questions. Times have changed, and now I’m the one who answers these questions and share my experience at Waterloo. I really enjoyed meeting so many passionate students and sharing my personal stories with them. Andrew Morton, the director of the Software Engineering program, gave a very informational presentation about our program.

Although the room was always packed and boiling hot, each person learned something new about our program and had their questions addressed. At the end of every presentation, a few upper-year students and I would hold an open question and answer session for the whole crowd. I think having the current students talk about their experiences and answering the questions was a great supplement to the presentation.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who came out today! The Fall Open House was a huge success!